If you wish to enhance your service to the church, whether as a clergyperson or a committed lay person, you may take advantage of one of our special programs developed at NBSOM. Our programs are designed to meet you where you are in your journey of faith and service and to help you to reach a new level. Our programs currently offered are….

SEMINARS (Auditing)




NBSOM Seminars/Workshops are for people who want to deepen and enrich their spiritual life through theological study, biblical knowledge, exploration of their call to ministry, and/or who want some limited ministerial training but are not seeking a Diploma. Any courses can be treated as a seminar/workshop.

Courses in are offered over a schedule year (fall, winter, spring and summer). Courses are scheduled to accommodate those still involved in daytime employment. Required courses and seminars are normally taught during evening hours. Some courses and seminars are offered on weekends and as weeklong intensives.

A non-student may choose to audit a class for enrichment. (Audit fees are listed in fee section.) To audit or treat any given class or specialized course as a seminar/workshop, one must obtain the permission of the instructor, register for the class and pay the audit fee ($40), and agree to complete assignments negotiated with the instructor. A certificate is given within two weeks of a completed course.

If the auditor decides to enroll in NBSOM at a later date as a student, each course will be counted as credit towards a diploma.



NBSOM Traditional Diploma Program is to provide theological and ministerial training that is concise, practical, and specific to urban church ministry. This program provides students with an opportunity to better prepare themselves for Christian service in a congregational setting.

The New Breed School of Ministry provides theological and biblical training to increase the faith and enhance sound doctrinal beliefs of the student. This program is designed to train students who are called to express their faith through leadership in the church and beyond.


The program provides the bases for the work of congregational leaders, be it teaching, working with children or youth, armor-bearering, ministry of helps, or church musicians. Through study, ministry leadership teams (peer interaction) and reflection, students will exercise the vocation of the church to expand and sharpen their career helps ministry responsibilities.


The Diploma Program consists of 70 quarter credit hours (17.5 courses). The program offers a distinctive approach to theological education in a number of ways. Above all, course work is grounded in an ethics-praxis orientation, meaning that the initial block of courses you take is geared to practical training, set in an ethical framework.

The Diploma program involves information, formation, and critical reflection in our curricular path and specialized fields of interest. A Diploma is awarded upon completion the circular path and other requirements (see below). Anyone may take one or more courses in any specialized ministry area, without declaring a particular concentration. Anyone, regardless of educational background, may enroll in the diploma program.



  • Demonstrates commitment to Christ and evidence of the new birth
  • Desire to expand the vision of your church, pastor’s vision and ultimately the Kingdom of God.
  • Be recommended by your pastor, church, elders or other respected Christian leaders.
  • Must be an active member in respective church.
  • Affirms and agrees with New Breed School of Ministry’s Statement of Beliefs.
  • Abstinence of tobacco, intoxicating liquors and illegal drugs as well as other questionable practices that are not suitable for a Christian leader
  • Good moral character.
  • Abstinent if single, faithful if married.



Each program is a group of classes designed to meet specific program objectives. All students stay together until all the classes are completed. Students take only one class at a time, allowing them to focus on one subject. Classes meet once a weeks for three to three and a half hours.

When one class ends the next class typically begins within two week. Each Class in the program is a required component. Classes combine lecture and teacher/student interaction. Instructional methods in the program integrate the following:

  • practical experience and theory through assignments
  • mini-lectures
  • seminars
  • case studies
  • simulations, small group discussions,
  • projects related to the student’s specialization



The Advance Diploma is a third year program available by invitation only. Enrollment is   contingent upon administrative approval, based on successful completion of the two-year diploma program, and progression in five-fold or full-time ministry.

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