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Most NBSOM students are pursuing ministry as a second career. Our student body numbers around 15 students. Of the students enrolled in courses from 2002-2012, 32% were male and 68% were female. Our students are working, usually full-time, managing families and, in some cases, serving churches. Most of our students come from an evangelical charismatic denominations or faith communities. 61% are African American and 39% are Euro-Americans. Many are dedicating themselves to church service following first careers in education, medicine, law, military service, business, manufacturing and social work.

Most NBSOM graduates remain in the area to serve local churches. They bring life experience, faith and practice to their educational endeavors. As NBSOM students develop the skills needed for ministry in today’s Church, they make lasting connections they make with student colleagues which enable them to enhance the quality of life in our churches and communities for years to come.

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