New Breed School of Ministry is an outreach ministry and independent Christian institution. New Breed School of Ministry was founded on December 7, 2001. The School of Ministry began as a training course for the leaders of Bada Christian Center in the library of Cannon Recreation Center in Detroit, MI. Seven (7) students (all Bada Christian Center leaders) enrolled in the training course designed to make them more effective lay workers in the church. The response to the program was overwhelming and it's reputation begin to grow. This resulted in many Bada members to enter into program, which led to the expansion of the School of Ministry, which at the time only offered a one year program of study.

Spring of 2002

Bada School of Ministry moved to 13333 E. Warren and had 18 students enrolled in its program. This program proved to be too demanding for some, causing many not to finish.

August 3, 2003

Bada School of Ministry graduated and licensed its first group of students: Terri Bard, Richard Bass and Renisha Simpkins.

Summer of 2003

A record high of 22 students enrolled in the program. In that same year, Bada Christian Center merged with another local church and became Daystar Church International, which resulted in a name change for the school (Day Star School of Ministry). This change raised the level of training of ministry and extended the program to a year and a half.

July, 18, 2004

Day Star School of Ministry graduated and licensed 2 students: Mary Henley and Sylvia Rosemond.


God began to speak to Pastor Ken Howard’s about a “new breed" of believers that will tear down the traditional, conventional, bureaucratic, ritualistic and religious system of the former church. This lead to the planting New Breed International Christian Center; to follow this revelation, the School of Ministry once again took on a new name, (New Breed School of Ministry). In 2005, New Breed School of Ministry became autonomous and a separate entity of New Breed Church. With this new distinction came new guidelines and academic standards. Previous graduates were encouraged to re-enroll into the program to update their theological and biblical skills.

September 2007

NBSOM graduated 5 students: Richard Bass, Aletta Henderson, Sylvia Rosemond, ReNisha Simpkins, Nina Wiggins. Ordination was granted to those students who had previously graduated from the program.

Fall 2007

The school began to attract students from congregations all over the Metro Detroit area. As a result NBSOM became more diverse and multi-cultural than ever before.

August 17, 2008

New Breed School of Ministry graduated 7 students: Mark Bernabei, Karl Burnett, Robert Elliott, Kisma Jordan, Verella Kay, Larry Phillips, and Nina Wiggins (who finished required courses for licensure).

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